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    Professionals in Laser and Skin Treatments

    Laser Hair Removal
    Medical Grade Laser
    Hair Removal

    Laser light enters your skin and destroys hair follicles. This reduces unwanted hair from your face and body. With laser hair removal there is no more need for shaving, waxing or epilation.

    Sin Conditions
    Skin Conditions

    Our team offers a wide range of treatment options to treat skin conditions such as acne, broken capillaries, pigmentation, signs of ageing as well as scarring.

    Skin Treatments
    Skin Treatments

    Our team offers a wide range of treatment options to reduce the effects of skin ageing,  Eradicate skin damage and remove pre-malignant as well as certain malignant skin lesions.

    Cosmeic Injectables
    Cosmetic Injectables
    Dermal Fillers
    Platelet Rich Plasma

    We offer anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma injections - all administered by a doctor 

    Skin & Laser Clinic

    Cutting Edge Technology


    Pristine Skin and Laser Clinic are pleased to offer you the latest in laser skin care and long-lasting hair removal.


    Our team of expertly and medically trained staff can help you with all your skin care needs, the latest in cosmetic skin enhancement and anti-wrinkle therapy.

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